LIESMLIES Sneakers represents and inspires those who want to live a life with no regrets.

How We Started

In November 2020, a young guy made a deep realization that we only had one chance out of 400 trillion to win a life to enjoy and that this chance wouldn't happen again. He then made the decision to JUST LIVE IT by taking risks doing what he loves the most and realising our dreams. 

Realizing how great his life has become, he founded the LIESMLIES Sneakers brand to share this message with people and grow a community to inspire them to live a life with no regrets. He first gives his sneakers to friends and as it turns out, they absolutely loved'em.

We made 30 more shoes and started selling them to friends and family. Soon we had over 1000 followers on Instagram and TikTok combined and sold nearly everywhere in America and Canada.


Just Live It

Being the main message of the brand, we want it to inspire people like you to live every single day of your life as if it was your last by doing what you deeply love and appreciate.